Zikr1 Prayer Bands were born out of a desire to combine the rosary, or tasbeh, with a bracelet. The rosary, or tasbih, is an ancient tool used for daily litanies in remembrance of the Divine. It is adorned with beads that help devotees track their prayers. Wrapping long rosary beads around one's wrist or neck works for some, but the Zikr1 Prayer Band is better for wearing to work or school. Zikr1 prayer bands are designed to easily slip on and off the wrist with a cord that stretches so they will not break. Also, most feature a guide bead that can be used to keep track of how many prayers one has recited.

From time to time I will update the shop with new designs or other items that I find interesting for friends. Thank you for visiting Zikr1. Peace and blessings.
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